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e-Surveillance (CCTV)

e- Surveillance gives you the power to monitor anything from anywhere around the world through the Internet. It allows you to view and control remote locations via real-time video images even when you are overseas. With e-surveillance business packages, you can now enjoy peace of mind "around the clock".

e-Surveillance Standar Features:
•  Intelligent digital recording with motion detection.
•  Motion Triggered Alarm System
•  Multiple level password protection
•  Multiple access or concurrent viewer remotely
•  Remotely picture zooming capability

How e-Surveillance Benefits You?
•  Surveillance accessible through Internet to view & monitor Anything, Anytime & Anywhere.
•  Capture and store images with Hard Disk Recording.
•  No hassle of VCR tape changing, storing and maintaining.
•  Ability to decentralize your security control remotely.
•  Option for peer to peer video conferencing.