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Web DevelopmentWeb Development
Our Web Development Team now help to deliver applications as Web Services which were traditionally only available as applications on a desk based computer.
SoftwareSoftware Sales & Services
We provide both customize & off the shelves software ranging from operating systems & other multipurpose application that suits our customer's every needs.
HardwareComputer Hardware Sales & Services
We sell and maintain all kind of hardware such as processor, motherboard, RAM, VGA, audio card, modem, harddisk, floppy drive, storage drive, periherals etc.
NetworkNetwork Structure
We have solution to connect via analog, ISDN or ADSL dial-up, cellurar wireless, Bluetooth® Wireless, Ethernet Fiber Optic or Satelite.
e-Surveillance (CCTV)
e-Surveillance gives you the power to monitor anything from anywhere around the world through the Internet. It allows you to view and control remote locations via real-time video images even you are overseas.